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"I've been there, and I get it."

Ellen Kramer

"I know what it feels like to be driven to get to the highest levels of an organization, to create change and lift the people around me. I value the lessons I gained through kick-in-the-pants moments and the hard acquisition of soft skills that got me where I am today. I love taking a creative approach to inspiring driven individuals and teams to reach their full potential." What is your latest kick-in-the-pants moment?

A Leader of Leaders

Ellen has held key leadership and CMO roles for nearly 30 years in startup, middle market and high-profile corporations such as AOL, Quiznos, USA Today, Blockbuster/DISH and Time-Life, as well as consulting at Funnelcake and Now What? Marketing. Ellen is a high energy, results-focused business leader with a down-to-earth style and a track record of providing vision, mentoring and teamwork to drive profitable growth. 

Certified Executive Coach + Certified Design Thinker

Certified by the Center for Executive Coaching and IDEO's Design Thinking, Ellen understands that transformation isn't accomplished with weak relationships and "because-we-should" collaboration. How you treat people at every interaction, how they react to you and your leadership style, and what you make possible for the humans you touch are a significant part of coachellen's work. Ellen leads the way with "extreme empathy" and a provocative, yet approachable, style.