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Are you driven to make a significant impact? What will be your success story?

"Maybe stories are just data with a soul." - Brené Brown. Stories help us connect with others through life experiences, and stories can make or break your leadership. These stories (and how we tell them) inform others about us, our "soul data," what we tell ourselves, what we are willing to share, with whom...and what that reveals about our level of authenticity and relationship skills.


Get a seat at the table and lead for change

A seat at the table means having your voice heard and your leadership felt at the highest levels of an organization. You are or want to be a part of the management team or a close advisor to them...are your transformation initiatives getting the attention they deserve?


Make an impact on your business...or an entire industry

If you want to transform your organization and impact the bottom line, the brand, the customer experience, company culture, team members, or an entire industry... impact requires leadership, and transformation requires leaders of leaders - coachellen taps into that part of you.

I want to live my true success story:

coachellen teaches the human side of team dynamics.


I coach for emotional intelligence, truth-telling, creativity, team dynamics and fearlessness. Using a Human-Centered Design approach to observing, understanding, assessing and sharing insights, my client approach is all about relationship, story and possibility. 

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